Like many community organisations, we have taken the necessary actions in response to Covid 19.

some sessions are taking place, some are on alternative sessions

 We will  inform all young people, parents and families as soon as we are restarting.Until then please stay safe and should you want to get in touch we will be on facebook and email throughout.

Look after yourselves - from the CYV Team 

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EmpowerMENt is a community inclusion and engagement project working with young men in High Wycombe using non formal education, fitness and social support. In a safe, non-judgmental space boys/young men explore their identity and behaviour as men and help support them to develop practical steps to improve their lives. We also use YouTube videos, song lyrics, and current news headlines to raise debates and discussions to allow group members to respond with their ideas, thoughts, and perceptions of issues. These could relate to mental health, local youth issues and approach topics like 'Stop and Search', personal safety (flight not fight) sexual health, relationships, identity, sexuality, domestic violence, extremism, e-safety, politics, knife and organised crime and harmful or risk taking behaviours. Experiential learning, sports, life skills, self challenge and diversionary activities are key to developing interests and competences as well as alternative life choices/directions for young men locally. We also embark on residential projects with the participants in new environments and locations.


DAY: Mondays

TIME: 4.30-6.30pm

PLACE:  Green Street Youth & Community Centre, 1 Desborough Road,
High Wycombe HP11 2RA (for winter season)



Positive Youth Mentoring involves one-to-one support for young people on an ongoing basis. over 10 sessions. Working with young people to establish a relationship where goals and objectives can be developed, issues supported and negative behaviors challenged.

Sessions look at the future. Identifying and providing extra training or support to the young person in order to successfully complete their learning pathway.

Mentoring can provide a positive role model, support them with their education, offer
opportunities to discuss and find solutions to challenges they may be facing, and provide them with an individualized response to their support needs. It can bring about a range of benefits
for young people, including for example improved relationships, increased communication skills and resilience. On the whole, mentoring may increase the young person’s chances of continuing with and completing their education, gaining employment and positive life choices.


Current funding means this project is particularly focuses towards those who are vulnerable or at risk of criminal exploitation, employment, training and education, those involved or at risk of being involved in the criminal justice system. risky behaviors, mental health concerns, transitional work from primary to secondary school, staying safe, managing anger and positive relationships.

DAY & TIME: As agreed between the mentor and young person

PLACE: Mentoring takes place in Wycombe, South Bucks and the Chiltern areas.

Please get in touch via email should you wise to recommend a young person for this service

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This is a well-being project, designed to allow the girls to come together be creative, engage in arts based activities and take part in a range of short term projects that build self worth, confidence, creativity and communication.


The group previously focused on designing an online motivational and inspirational digital magazine for girls their age. They collaborated to produce a wide range of materials that provide helpful messages about the realities for teenage girls. Embracing creative expression within written content, images, positive affirmation and more. Giving an positive portrayal of youth post covid. 

They also created a video highlighting vulnerabilities in female friendships and mental health awareness which is due to be released in January 2021

The sessions will include: Lifestyle work, Cooking, Arts, Photography, Media, Music Production, Youth Voice, Environment, Body Art, Teamwork, Advice and Guidance and lots of laughter.

This project is for girls ages 13+

DAY: Thursdays 

TIME: 5.30- 7 PM 

PLACE: Roundhouse Youth Centre, St Marys St, HIgh Wycombe, Bucks HP11 2HE

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Funded Slots for Spring 2021 for those aged 18-25 years old (limited available)


DATE & TIME: These sessions are pre booked only
PLACE: Roundhouse Music Studio, HP11 2HE



Our new bus will be out and about from Dec 2020 starting the pilot sessions in Aylesbury. Heading to Bedgrove, Walton Court and Buckingham Park. Once the locations are finalised we will be sharing the information

DAY & TIME: Mondays 4.30pm
PLACE: Buckingham Park,  Aylesbury

DAY & TIME: Wednesdays 4:30pm from June 2021

PLACE: Walton Court/ Southcourt, Aylesbury

DAY & TIME: Mondays from June 2021

PLACE: TBC, Aylesbury



Community YourSpace is primarily a street based project using positive activities to target young people in areas suffering from a lack of youth orientated services and social pressures. Through interactive, physically active and engaging sessions youth workers and coaches will have the opportunity to build positive relationships, rapport and trust with hard to reach young people and young people that would normally not have access to positive activities in their spare time  

DAY & TIME: Wednesdays 4:30pm
PLACE: Youth Unit, Commutiy Centre Car Park Prebendal Farm - Aylesbury

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A combination approach to youth intervention, combining key skills, transferable skills, issue based workshops and interventions. Working in public spaces direct with young people, our street team will be delivering informal and social education and addresses whatever needs are presented to or perceived by the youth workers, using a range of approaches aligned to interests of core group.              


DAY & TIME: Starting in June 2021

PLACE: TBC South Bucks Buckinghamshire                          

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A new youth project starting Summer 2020 in Aylesbury. A innovative project bringing key skills and education in the outdoors. 

Please get in touch to join the session All Welcome

DAY & TIME: 2nd Saturday of the month 11-1pm

PLACE: Bedgrove, Aylesbury

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A unique project giving young people the insights seasonal produce, hints and tips for using them in cooking combined with the basics of horticulture. Including how to  waste less food. Whilst exploring sustainable diets, foraging and growing your own food

DAY: Closed Groups


PLACE: Private Venues

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Community Cook is a community project that brings young people together to celebrate diversity and cohesion through cooking workshops across Aylesbury Vale. Aylesbury has vast and ethnic mix of cultures, backgrounds, traditions and histories and this is a chance for young people to not only explore these through food and different cuisines but also to celebrate the extensive vibrant multicultural area they live in.

Cooking together is a great learning experience in social education as well as developing culinary skills and competences from basic cookery through to dynamic dishes learning for life; as well as bringing generations together as well as different cultures and signature dishes.

Community Cook breaks down barriers between groups of young people, mixes generations together and challenges stereotypes through this amazing practical project opportunity, whilst showcasing their achievements to their families, friends and local community

DATE & TIME: These sessions are being rescheduled due to covid restrictions
PLACE: Buckingham Park Community Centre, Jubilee Square, Aylesbury HP19 9DZ



Creating music is a great opportunity to develop expression, develop creativity and make your own tracks. These sessions use music as a tool to engage, motivate and achieve.


DATE & TIME: These sessions are being rescheduled due to covid restrictions
PLACE: Roundhouse Music Studio, HP11 2HE



A unique project giving young people the insights into growing herbs, their uses, hints and tips for using them in cooking combined with the basics of horticulture. Whilst exploring sustainable diets, foraging and growing your own food

DAY: Closed Groups


PLACE: Private Venues