january 2022 releases lots of new projects and schemes for the new year embracing post covid provision for young people

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Green Tubs is the act of reducing waste andcarbon emissions through re-purposing andupcycling bath tubs into mini vegetable and herbgardens in community accessible or educationbased locations across Bucks. Linking keencommunity groups, venues and schools, GreenTubs allow for residents, pupils and other groupsto engage with growing across the year andexperiment with growing different vegetables,herbs and plants; as well as improving theirsurrounding environment and public spaces.


PLACE:  Various Sites Across Bucks,

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Green Bug is a fun filled weekend session for young people aged 7-13 years. Come and explore the outdoors and nature through crafts, fire cooking, games and activities.

Bring wellies and warm jackets and lots of energy!


DATE & TIME: 11-3pm 29th January
PLACE: Stoke Hammond Community Centre

DATE & TIME: 11-3pm 5th February

Dec-PLACE: Akeley Community Centre

DATE & TIME: 11-3pm 19th February

PLACE: Leckhampsted Village Hall

DATE & TIME: 11-3pm  5th March

Dec-PLACE: Oving Village Hall

DATE & TIME: 11-3pm 26th March 

PLACE: Winslow Public Hall


Get Involved!

Want something fun to start the weekend? Then Get Involved! will give you that- a mixture of sports, games and activities each week. 


DAY: Fridays

TIME: 4.30-6.30pm

PLACE:  Outside Prebendal Community Centre Aylesbury

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EmpowerMENt is a community inclusion and engagement project working with young men in High Wycombe using non formal education, fitness and social support. In a safe, non-judgmental space boys/young men explore their identity and behaviour as men and help support them to develop practical steps to improve their lives. We also use YouTube videos, song lyrics, and current news headlines to raise debates and discussions to allow group members to respond with their ideas, thoughts, and perceptions of issues. These could relate to mental health, local youth issues and approach topics like 'Stop and Search', personal safety (flight not fight) sexual health, relationships, identity, sexuality, domestic violence, extremism, e-safety, politics, knife and organised crime and harmful or risk taking behaviours. Experiential learning, sports, life skills, self challenge and diversionary activities are key to developing interests and competences as well as alternative life choices/directions for young men locally. We also embark on residential projects with the participants in new environments and locations.


DAY: Mondays

TIME: 4.30-6.30pm

PLACE:  Wycombe Rye - By the Lido!

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A new youth project starting Summer 2020 in Aylesbury. A innovative project bringing key skills and education in the outdoors. 

Please get in touch to join the session All Welcome

DAY & TIME: 2nd Saturday of the month 11-1pm Starts Feb2022

PLACE: Bedgrove, Aylesbury



Our new bus will be out and about from Dec 2021 starting the pilot sessions in Aylesbury. Heading to Prebendal Farm with our outreach unit, sports coach and refreshments

DAY & TIME: 2022

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Community Cook is a community project that brings young people together to celebrate diversity and cohesion through cooking workshops across Aylesbury Vale. Aylesbury has vast and ethnic mix of cultures, backgrounds, traditions and histories and this is a chance for young people to not only explore these through food and different cuisines but also to celebrate the extensive vibrant multicultural area they live in.

Cooking together is a great learning experience in social education as well as developing culinary skills and competences from basic cookery through to dynamic dishes learning for life; as well as bringing generations together as well as different cultures and signature dishes.

Community Cook breaks down barriers between groups of young people, mixes generations together and challenges stereotypes through this amazing practical project opportunity, whilst showcasing their achievements to their families, friends and local community

DATE & TIME: These sessions are being rescheduled due to covid restrictions
PLACE: Elmhurst

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Chiltern Rangers Conservation Sessions

Joinging up with the amazing Chiltern rangers to attack areas needing some love! Get active outdoors as we cut, saw and burn! 

DAY: Saturday 22nd Jan 2022

TIME:  10-1.30pm

PLACE: Gomm Wood, High Wycombe


Community Cook Sessions High Wycombe

A unique project giving young people the insights seasonal produce, hints and tips for using them in cooking combined with the basics of horticulture. Including how to  waste less food. Whilst exploring sustainable diets, foraging and growing your own food


TIME:   Across 2022


Enrichment School Sessions

We also offer enrichment session in schools, spanning over a term we work on a range of mixed media from video to photography, indoor and outside art and sculpture.

PROJECTS:  Happy Snappy Creative Photography

PROJECTS: Nature in Art