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Highlight Projects 2022/23


Green Tubs is the act of reducing waste and carbon emissions through re-purposing and upcycling bath tubs into mini vegetable and herb gardens in community accessible or education based locations across Bucks. Linking keen community groups, venues and schools, GreenTubs allow residents, pupils and other groups to engage with growing across the year and experiment with growing different vegetables,herbs and plants; as well as improving their surrounding environment and public spaces.


PLACES:  Disraeli School- Wycombe, Alfriston School, Beaconsfield School, Aylesbury Youth Allotment, Highcrest School Aylesbury, Brrokside NHS, Oasis Partinership Chesham, Oasis Partnership Aylesbury, John Collet Aylesbury, Thomley.


Summer 2023 sees our Holiday Activities and Food Program move to Aylesbury. Providing summer sessions for young people with SEND. Ages 11-18 years.

For more information please call or email the team. (HAF code needed for bookings)

DAY & TIME: July & August 2023

PLACE: Walton Parish Hall, Walton Street, Aylesbury

Bucks Open Culture Weekend

Join us as we celebrate 'ONE WORLD' by creating a public mural- bringing together what makes us all unique and what connects us all together.

DAY & TIME: 28.07.2023 11- 2pm 
PLACE: Amerham Youth, 5 Chichester Way, Amersham 


New for 2023!

Parent and young people days held at our youth allotment in Aylesbury. Giving time to building links to nature and building relationships in a supportive environment- limited places per session booking required

Fathers/ Male Guardians and Young People

DAYS: August 2023 3rd 10-12am , 18th 10-12am, 24th 10-12am

Mothers/ Female Guardians and young people

DAYS: August 2023 2nd 10-12am , 4th 10-12am , 18th 1-3pm

PLACE: Bedgrove, Aylesbury

FAMILY DAY 6th August 

PLACE: Alfriston School 11am- 1pm


Project: UNITED VOICES- Paralympic Project

Project Description: Exploring our community through the values of the Paralympics INSPIRATION, COURAGE, EQUALITY AND DETERMINATION with Alfriston School and Discover Bucks Museum


  • Community Cohesion

  • Inclusion

  • Celebration


Funded by: Bucks Culture- Together We Build 

Project: Great Plate

Project Description: Great Plate gives young people a chance to share their favorite dishes and how to make them with their peers. Building confidence and sense of ownership as well as developing skills in each other


  • Cooking Confidence

  • Working with others,

  • Leadership

  • Cultural Awareness

  • Basic cooking skills

  • Sustainable diets and living

Funded by:  Anchor Community Fund-  Heart of Bucks


Project: Me, You, Everybody Youth Exchange

Project Description: A Youth Exchange bringing young people together from the UK, Estonia and Hungary. Exploring how positive mental health effects us all and how we should support each other. 


  • Youth Inclusion

  • Positive Mental Attitude

  • Self belief

  • Youth Issues

  • Peer Support

  • Relatiosnhips


Funded by: Erasmus+

Project: Youth in Social Action Youth Exchange

Project Description: Youth leading the way to explore how they can make an impact in their local areas. Being Active to make a  change and a difference.


  • Social Action

  • Youth Issues

  • Communication

  • Social Skills


Funded by: Erasmus+

food sos.png


Project Description: Sound Inclusions was a youth initiative that offers focused learning and development opportunities helping to engage and motivate young people. This project will allow young

people to attend set courses to give them deeper understanding of the processes and opportunities through creative arts and media based methods. They voiced that it will also increase the young peoples skills so that they can help teach and work with each other, get involved with other projects taking place and increase their skills, knowledge and accredited learning.

The courses identified by the group were Music Technology, Live Recording and Film. This will give them new focus, motivation to continue and be a gateway into other courses, apprenticeships and employment working with the community.

These courses allowed us the opportunity to focus on youth led issues and topics such as media and influences, community and identity; communication and positive expression alongside the technical content.


  • Positive role models and building relationships,

  • Working with others,

  • Effective communication and listening skills,

  • Respect and tolerance,

  • Supporting and motivating self and others,

  • Self belief and realization,

  • Musicality and creativity

  • Self expression and managing emotions.


Funded by:  Heart of Bucks Youthbank

Project: Herbilicious & Food SOS

Project Description: Funded by Feedback Global, These two projects piloted project working with young people around developing a better relationship with the food they buy and eat. Exploring growing through using herbs ( available all year round) as well as understanding more about their qualities and how they can be used in cooking

Food SOS highlights the most common foods to be wasted in the home. Exploring different ways to use them in dishes rather than let them go to waste. These projects are also to feature in the Food Citizenship toolkit in the Growing Food Citizens section of Feedback's website.


  • Link between food and climate crisis

  • Working with others,

  • Reduction of food waste in the home

  • Growing your own vegtables

  • Basic cooking skills

  • Using herbs in cooking 

  • Sustainable diets and living

  • Composting


Funded by:  Feedback 

Project: It's Back! Roundhouse Dance & Music

Project Description: Bringing  youth dance and music making opportunities back to the oundhouse Youth Centre


  • Positive role models and building relationships,

  • Being Active

  • Working with others,

  • Effective communication and listening skills,

  • Respect and tolerance,

  • Self belief and realization,

  • Musicality and creativity

  • Self expression and managing emotions.


Funded by: LEAP 

sound rec course ayl.png
Cooking COH.png

Project: Cook Cohesion 2019 (High Wycombe Pilot)

Project Description

Cook Cohesion is a three day youth project bringing young people together to celebrate diversity and cohesion through cooking workshops. 

High Wycombe has vast and ethnic mix of cultures, backgrounds, traditions and histories and this was a chance for young people to not only explore these through food and different cuisines but also to celebrate the extensive vibrant multicultural town they live in.

Not many projects that use food to navigate cohesion locally and it was identified that it would be a great learning experience in social education as well as developing culinary skills and competences from basic cookery through to dynamic dishes.

Food is viewed to be the ultimate social agent and throughout the duration of the project the participants will share traditional dishes, cook healthy meals and the young people will eat their creations together. There was be a range of aspects covered from history of traditional dishes, cooking styles and methods, food hygiene, basic cooking skills, healthy lifestyles and of course the social outcomes such as cultural awareness and understanding, diversity, tolerance and acceptance.



  • Nutrition & healthy eating

  • Food Hygiene

  • Practical cooking skills

  • Culture and traditions

  • Teamwork

  • Food awareness


Thanks to all the volunteers including cooks from Zink and Khepera CIC

Funded by: Wycombe District Council and CYV CIC

AYC poster.png

Project: Between the Lines Productionz Projects

Reach Out - Film Project

Covid 19 has meant we have all expereinced a challenging 2020. At Community Youth Ventures we have tried to continue our sessions where possible to offer support, escapism and a chance to enjoy the time we have together. Providing not only a distraction from what is and isn't able to happen everyday, but also a chance to play, create and maintain connections with other people. Between the Lines girls group offer young women a chance to share their experiences, communicate their worries and observations whilst working together to produce digital outcomes.

Check out their REACH OUT! video produced in December 2020

Also why not check out their COVID themed digital magazine 


We have also create a What is Food Citizenship Video for use by Feedback and Bucks Food Partnership 

Between the Lines For You by Us 2020 - Cover.png
FC circle.png

Project: Aylesbury Community Youth Connect 2019

Project Description: Aylesbury Community Youth Connect was a community engagement and street based project using positive activities to target young people in areas suffering from poverty, crime, anti-social behaviour and boredom. Through interactive, physically active and engaging sessions youth workers and coaches took the opportunity to build relationships, rapport and trust with the prospect of them participating in a number of workshops with a focus on educating young people on themes such as active citizenship, critical thinking, self-worth and staying safe.


  • Safeguarding our Vulnerable

  • Creating Opportunities and Building Self-Reliance

  • Keeping Buckinghamshire Thriving and Attractive


Partners: St Peters Church, Footprints, Meadowcroft and Quarrendon Community Centre, Empower to Cook CIC, Switch, Kayambi- English Boxing Champion and LEAP sports partnership

Funded by:  Greater Aylesbury Local Area Forum (BCC)

Project: Wycombe Streetz 2019- 2020

Project Description: Wycombe Streets Project was a pilot Streetbased project embedding youth work in the heart of the community through detached youth work. The areas targeted in Wycombe were Downley, Castlefield, Micklefield and Totteridge. Sessions incorporated sports, fitness, team activities, cooking, music, skills based learning and discussion as well as linking into youth centres and projects


  • Safeguarding our Vulnerable

  • Creating  Opportunities and Building Self-Reliance

  • Keeping Buckinghamshire Thriving and Attractive


Partners: Buckinghamshire Council Family Support Service, MamaBee, YMCA, TVP, Switch, Fitness Garden, Khepera CIC, The Home Group, Khepera CIC, Fitness Garden, Downley YC, Buckinghamshire Council Family Support Service and the Roundhouse YC.

Funded by:  High Wycombe Local Area Forum

Project: Lane End Streetz 2019-2020

Project Description: Lane End Streets Project was a pilot Street based project embedding youth work in the heart of the community through detached youth work. Working alongside TVP and community youth organisations and clubs, we used innovative and engaging positive activities to work with young people direct on the street corners; in playing fields and bus shelters. 

Sessions incorporate sports, team activities, cooking, skills based learning and discussions as well as linking into accessible youth centres and projects such Fitness Garden, Khepera CIC (Foodie Fridays) and the Roundhouse Youth Centre.


  • Safeguarding our Vulnerable

  • Creating  Opportunities and Building Self-Reliance

  • Keeping Buckinghamshire Thriving and Attractive


Partners: TVP, Switch, Fitness Garden, Khepera CIC, Roundhouse YC

Funded by: SW Chilterns Local Area Forum

Wyc Streetz.png

Project: Skills4Life 2019-2020

Project Description: ‘Skills4Life’ was an innovative youth project involving community volunteers and professionals in interactive youth workshops. Sharing knowledge, competences, expertise and life skills; to enhance young people’s lives and future potential.

Across six sessions over 25 young people Skills4Life brought young people together with professionals and volunteers from their local community to try new practices and activities that would often be regarded as ‘traditional skills.’

The workshops and sessions focussed on:

  • Health, Fitness & Wellbeing- (Healthy eating, Water confidence, Bike maintenance, Croquet, Outdoor Games)

  • Cooking & Food Management - (Using an oven, Cake making, Egg styles eg French Toast, Omelettes, Pancakes and Egg Mayonnaise, Popping popcorn and Growing Cress) 

  • Gardening and Environmental work - (Using a Lawnmower, Shears, Pruning, Conservation etc)

  • Electronics & DIY (How to change a plug/ fuse, Electrical safety, Screwdrivers and power tools)

  • Creativity and the Arts – (Glass Painting, Weaving, Upcycling, Art & Crafts, Needlecraft)

Thank you to all the volunteers that gave their time to support this project

Funded by: Beaconsfield Decides 2019

S4L Promo.png

Project: 'Sound Inclusion' (Wycombe Youth Services Partnership)

Project Description: 'Sound Inclusion' is a collaborative project working to engage with young people identified as at risk of negative activity and street groups through a cooperation of local youth providers. Using the power of music as a focus the project develops social and personal skills, community awareness and tackles issues such as youth crime prevention, gang and knife activity and anti-social behaviour.
Using the medium of music as a focus to engage through relevant and attractive methods, build trust and relationships between professionals and young people as well as involving focused work with the police, youth offending service, onerecoverybucks, sexual health workers, youth worker and youth music workers. Our program will focus on topics such as media and influences, community and identity; communication and expression through to behaviour and safety. 
Coming together to build the aspirations of young people in the area to achieve and celebrate skills, become motivated and inspired to follow positive career routes, reengage with education and with support services and gain awareness of opportunities available to them. We want to recreate a culture of support, a culture of community and a place where young people feel safe to be themselves as well as comfortable to work with professionals. 


  • Safeguarding our Vulnerable

  • Creating Opportunities and Building Self-Reliance

  • Youth Support

Funded by: Police Property Act



Project Description: Community YourSpace was primarily a street based project using positive activities to target young people in areas suffering from a lack of youth orientated services and social pressures. Through interactive, physically active and engaging sessions youth workers and coaches will have the opportunity to build positive relationships, rapport and trust with hard to reach young people and young people that would normally not have access to positive activities in their spare time  

Funded by: AYlesbury Garden Town

Monochromatic Urban Photography Backgrou

Project: FILM CHALLENGE - #youngcarersactionday

Project Description

This Film Challenge is a day project working woth Young Carers to compile a short film to highlight the skills and activities that are part of their daily care support of their family members. Protecting Young Carers Futures through championing all that they do.​

Celebrated on the 16th March 2021 when the film will go live on Facebook 

View the video


Partners: Bucks Young Carers/ Bucks Young Adult Carers  


Funded by Thames Valley Police

Project: Youthbase HP5

Project Description: Youth Base (HP5) was a pilot project with the intention of establishing possible provision of secondary age young people and direct engagement in the town centre of Chesham. Compiling a network of resources, a network of partners, linking into local schools and endorsing street based youth work to see if there is potential in providing quality positive activities. Across four months Community Youth Ventures used a multi level approach to engaging with young people in Lowndes Park, the town centre and through the school network.

With the objectives of :

1) combating anti social behaviour and negative street groups

2) Supporting the local youth centre to expand into older youth engagement

3) Explore the LEAP satellite clubs opportunity 


  • Safeguarding our Vulnerable

  • Creating Opportunities and Building Self-Reliance

  • Keeping Buckinghamshire Thriving and Attractive


Partners: Chesham Youth Centre, LEAP, Chesham Cricket Club,


Funded by Chiltern District Council & Chesham Local Area Forum


Project: Positive Youth Mentoring

Project Description: Positive Youth Mentoring involves one-to-one support for young people on an ongoing basis. over 10 sessions. Working with young people to establish a relationship where goals and objectives can be developed, issues supported and negative behaviors challenged.

Sessions look at the future. Identifying and providing extra training or support to the young person in order to successfully complete their learning pathway.

Mentoring can provide a positive role model, support them with their education, offer
opportunities to discuss and find solutions to challenges they may be facing, and provide them with an individualized response to their support needs. It can bring about a range of benefits
for young people, including for example improved relationships, increased communication skills and resilience. On the whole, mentoring may increase the young person’s chances of continuing with and completing their education, gaining employment and positive life choices.




Project Description: This is a well-being project, designed to allow the girls to come together be creative, engage in arts based activities and take part in a range of short term projects that build self worth, confidence, creativity and communication.


The group previously focused on designing an online motivational and inspirational digital magazine for girls their age. They collaborated to produce a wide range of materials that provide helpful messages about the realities for teenage girls. Embracing creative expression within written content, images, positive affirmation and more. Giving an positive portrayal of youth post covid. 

They also created a video highlighting vulnerabilities in female friendships and mental health awareness which is due to be released in January 2021

The sessions will include: Lifestyle work, Cooking, Arts, Photography, Media, Music Production, Youth Voice, Environment, Body Art, Teamwork, Advice and Guidance and lots of laughter.

This project is for girls ages 13+

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